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Vote Save America Hot Sauce

Vote Save America Hot Sauce

FYM and Crooked Media

Recently I was asked by Crooked Media (creators of top podcasts like Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Hysteria, among others) to make a hot sauce that got people FIRED up about voting.  Get it?  Hot sauce, fired up...

Crooked Media is running a campaign trying to register people to vote or get involved called "Vote Save America" votesaveamerica.com. I made a specially labeled sauce just for them so they could try and promote their movement. 

I won't be selling their custom labeled sauce (you will have to request it from them) but you can check out all my other sauces here

The United States was built upon a democracy that gives all citizens the right to vote for their government. Get out there this November 6th and cast a ballot and let your Vote Save America.