FYM Hot Sauce was started in 2012 in Portland, Oregon. After collecting a shelf of "Habanero hot sauces" that just didn't cut it, we decided to take things into our own hands.

The first batch of FYM Hot Sauce was grown in a couple of pots with plants bought at a local nursery. 3 types of chili peppers were used and at first it was too hot. We wanted to have a compliment to breakfast burritos and other foods, not something too overpowering. After some trial the perfect recipe was created, and hot sauce nirvana was reached.

FYM Hot Sauce has since experimented with varieties of other sauces to make different sauces for people who don't want their food quite so hot, and those who might actually be insane in the level of heat they require.

One of the reasons our hot sauce is so good is because we use fresh ingredients. Our peppers and spices come from plants, not bags. One taste and you can see that FYM Hot Sauce is taking hot sauce to the next level.