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Solve my puzzle and win $250 in Bitcoin

Solve my puzzle and win $250 in Bitcoin

The puzzle has been solved.  The solution and all clues can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/p7jnqm/if_you_can_solve_my_puzzle_then_you_will_unlock/harq2vk/

I love hot sauce, I love technology, and I love to give things away.  Spending money to advertise on social media fills me with contempt as I do not like the people in charge so I came up with several options to work direct with the customers.  I have made the call to give away hot sauce with every purchase made with cryptocurrency in the hope that it would get people’s attention and attract them to the ecosystem.  Unfortunately, there was a slow market the last several years and the typical mainstream media just did not seem to find crypto in the script to reach the regular joe.  Now that we are going to be on a major upswing I want to do another type of giveaway by creating this code puzzle.  I have put 250 dollars into a bitcoin wallet created with electrum (.0056 BTC) and the twelve word seed phrase for that wallet is hidden in this blog post.  The dollar amount is bound to change but I think I bought a small dip so hopefully it just goes up.  Hopefully people do not struggle too much with this, there should be enough clues hidden on the FYM web site to find a winner.


In the past I have advertised in various ways and in general have had favorable results.  One of the most enjoyable things for me is when I embark on a new journey and get to engage and network with all the people I meet on the road while avoiding giving money to the juggernaut Facebook slash Instagram slash Twitter.  Stepping out from the shadow of the giant, I like to spend money to ensure my advertisements are done in a way that individuals find favorable to make my conscience light.  Rather than give money to a faceless entity owned by a billionaire in the kingdom of silicon valley, I prefer to directly fund individuals who have to improve themselves everyday creating quality content to the best of their ability.  If an organ ization or influencer has a distaste for my hot sauces, they are not going to be an advertising partner for me as they can not truly endorse my hot sauce as they engage with their audience.  The most effective method I have found is to cut out the middle man and show my customers my true colors by becoming an Avenger of the common citizen.  It can devastate a person’s motivation knowing an obscure corporate entity is double dipping with advertising and data profits.


Advertising by sponsoring teams in esports allowed me to help young teams achieve their dream of being professional gamers and compete online for millions of dollars.  I have had several hiccups along the way though and that put a brief pause on things.  I bought the fymgaming.com domain planning on leading an esports team more than one year ago when I was young, but the cost has always been just out of reach.  I was close in my attempt to try and have an Overwatch team but blizzard created the OWL and that all fell apart.  As other industry insiders helped me uncover blizzards’ plan to isolate themselves and build a tower of competition on activision island.  Once that was done it involved me paying out a contract I had signed as I let people go and do their own thing which was a bummer, but I can’t control major developers and their wacky decisions that I don’t think helped the gaming industry as a whole.  I have tried to get a DotA 2 team as well but I can’t afford the up front half million or more dollars they require.  I have been relegated to a tier two sponsor which is modest but allowed me to participate in the competition.  I live a modest life but I am on a quest for hot sauce greatness as I climb the ladder of success and grow my company.  I often think about getting an FYM tattoo to remind me where I started.


The formation of my company involved giving out thousands of free bottles of sauce to people on reddit to validate to myself that I had a quality product that piqued people’s interest and they went on to join together to set a record on kickstarter dot com.  My family helped me out in a major way and helped me manufacture all the samples in a commercial kitchen which started out with a blunder of inefficiency and unkempt workspaces.  We quickly found a rhythm of filling squeeze bottles like you would use for mustard at a restaurant and were able to fill tiny glass bottles with a half ounce of sauce.  The gratuitous amount of burns from learning to handle sauce brought to a boil in a small environment distracted us as the blisters begin to form on our fingers from screwing on caps.  I felt awful when a parent had to bow out of preparation due to exposure to the spice.  In the end we loaded our cars with final product in the rain.  My father is bald and had residue on his head and it dripped in to his eyes on his ride home and he had to make the call to pull over and park to prevent a crash while he sat on the side of the road at night just trying not to suffer.  I put each sauce in a tiny envelope that required a stamp and a shipping label and we would dump them into a larger bag so they could go on a scale at the post office.  The initial investment ended up changing my life and helped fuel my passion for spicy foods.thisisagoodsentence


I eventually sold hot sauce at in person events like at the farm market, or state fair, or a festival; always set up under a tent.  These types of things helped reinforce my conviction that a quality hot sauce is more than just vinegar, sodium, and dry pepper.  One time when a lady came up to me at the wood stock new seasons and sampled my sauce she gave me such a nice complement.  She said, “I have never had such an amazing hot sauce since my grandmother in Mexico had made it for me as a child.  I think it has the perfect level of heat and you can taste all the flavors so you know there are a lot of fresh peppers and it isn’t overly vinegary; I will be a fan of this for life.”  I know that is true as she has been a reliable customer for four years and counting.  Most people come up to me and ask me the question, “What does FYM stand for?”  I never have an official meaning as it is something that can vary for every individual.  When I am able to assume someone’s curiosity, it is something that helps them wonder about my brand and when you can get your company stuck in the head of a customer it makes me feel real relief.  If you free your mind, you can find your meaning and flavor your meal to fry your mouth, frak yeah, man!picturefair


Not everything has been sun shine and flower laden though in my quest and I always strive to avoid panic.  My old co-packer was arrested for selling five pounds of methamphetamine along with seven or nine (I do not remember the actual number) unregistered firearms and just disappeared one day.  He went on to receive decades in prison as it was apparently his third strike.  The implication of this cost me an distributor on the other side of the planet and resulted in a legal battle in the court room that nearly destroyed me.  There are not a lot of facilities that are accessible to me with the capacity and ability to blend and cook hundreds of pounds of habaneros or ghost chili peppers.  You need to bring an immense ventilation system to the table to ensure no reaction the aerosol capsaicin as it will be run through a quality air filter.  For my Exxtra Hot Sauce, if people do not wear masks while it is cooking they can get nosebleeds or have a coughing fit.  It is quite noxious if you are not prepared, but to me the worst part is when I have to clean after.  When you rinse a steam kettle the fume of spice can get into your eyes and lungs creating a terrible incident of pain.  Capsaicin can be used to help arthritis or relieve pain in a shoulder or twisted ankle, just make sure you clean your hands well or wear a glove to apply it as it will absorb into your finger skin.


A person can only embark on a venture like this if they have an iron will to invest their whole energy into making it work.  One of my favorite things to do is produce a brand new “product” to release as an april fools’ day prank.  I always beam with pride after I release a stupid “product” for the internet to consume.  One time I gave myself food poisoning by eating expired mayonnaise.  I used tasty hot sauce to flavor olive oil mayo and filled hollow easter chocolates and egg with the “cream” filling.  I used a hot knife to cut the chocolate shell and then melt them back together.  I did not know that I had let the condiment expire in my fridge, but after throwing up for the next several days I figured out what I had one.  The expiration date was put under investigation and found guilty of being almost two years past, and my stomach was confirming that judge ment with the announcement coming to bear fruit around the porcelain throne.


During the first wave of the pandemic I made my first actual product to sell on april first.  I made an old western style video and on my belt just right of the buckle was the FYM Hot Sauce Holster.  It was printed with brown PLA plastic with a recess of the FYM logo near the bottom that I paid my friend to print for me.  This actually solved a problem of mine of going out to eat at a bar or restaurant and that place not having a good spicy menu of food.  My wife never lets me keep hot sauce in her purse so I have to carry it in to every restaurant we eat in my hand.  I know a lot of people enjoy the vinegar flavor of tobasco typically stocked at a dining establishment, but I have a greater attraction to just tasting fresh peppers that compliment my meal.  I am not a huge fan of pickled jalapeno or onion either for this same reason, and it is always a disappointment when that is what I am served when a burger or macaroni with fresh jalapeno is superior in every way.  The holster solved all my problems and I am incapable of going out to eat without an amazing sauce at my hip.animatedgifofplaholster


My favorite fake product I ever made was FYM Man Soap, and it took incredible dedication to not shave my beard or cut my hair for over one and a half years.  The amount of planning that went into the shoot took time to consider and it forced me to plan every single shot like a movie because I would be incapable of going back to film if I messed up.  In the end I must have shot everything four or five times to ensure perfection in my venture.  I created a silly video that involved me dumping whiskey all over my face, slapping my cheek wall with raw meat and getting a hot sauce shaving cream combination on the surface of my eyeball.  The end product was amazing and completely worth it, even though the marketing campaign was pretty ineffective.  It was still the most fun project I had created from my crack pot brain and I definitely recommend that you watch the video.  I got to recreate the Robert Redford head nod of approval meme and went to a hair stylist just for that shot.  My april fools prank with the most praise has actually been my pandemic buddy sauce where I spoof the pet rock of early times.  Sometimes when you are under quarantine and lonely a hot sauce can be your best friend.


I have done other marketing campaigns just because they were fun to do as well, though some of them have been for naught but the experience as nothing formal ever resulted from the venture.  One trip I was robbed by an uber driver that resulted in me filing a law suit against them in boston and having to fly back to court twice after the police refused to help when I filed a report and asked me, “what would you like us to do about it?”  The deputy shot a glare at me when I told him I had the incident on video as well as the name of the driver, their car make model and license plate, and the uber trip log to document everything, so I would like them to go get my stuff back.  They did not approve of my desire for them to do something as simple as their job.  It was an electric hybrid camry that drove off from my address with my new laptop, pants, and so much more and I did not hear it drive off as I was unloading my bags to the curb.  Silent and sneaky the hybrid engines can be when they only spin their electric motor while rolling away on a smooth road during their serendipitous steal of my stuff.  This was a terrible start to that December which I thought was supposed to be a happy holiday month.  There were three hundred dollars of custom hats I had made as well that are just gone in the wind.  If you ever see someone in the concrete jungle of boston wearing a black hat with a blue bill and orange FYM embroidered on the front, you know where they got it.  In the end the judge forced them to pay me and uber changed their terms and conditions to prevent others from taking them to court… I don’t use their service anymore.bestpictureofmyhat


One time I got to give celebrities hot sauce in a gifting suite before the MTV movie awards at a hotel in Hollywood.  It was a little expensive and nothing really came out of it that I know of because I did a poor job asking the actors to take a photograph with the hot sauce.  My wife had me shuffle around my strategic marketing plan because she wanted to go really badly and she ended up getting to meet one of her favorite celebrities, a backstreet boy, so it was undeniable that it was worth it.  I had to come up a new strategy to enact that involved getting the capital for a one way car rental to transport all of the hot sauce to Hollywood as carrying hundreds of pounds of liquid cargo through an airport and on a flight would have likely ended in disaster and most of my advertising dollars were slated for in person tasting events in the Portland metropolitan area.  I did end up getting a picture with JB Smoove of curb your enthusiasm so that was something to excite me as well.  I had brought mustard bottle containers for sampling hot sauce to ensure that everyone could try it as I was still in glass bottles at the time and it was hard to get out easily because of the sauces’ thickness.  When we went back to our hotel I had to clean the plastic bottles so I could fly home with them in my luggage a few days later and they wouldn’t make a mess.  The bottles were too large for the hotel sink so I took them in the shower with me and rinsed them out in there.  I can assure you without a shadow of a doubt, that rinsing hot sauce bottles in a hot shower while naked (because who wears clothes in a shower) ends up getting capsaicin all up on your sensitive bits and it is not enjoyable.  Keep hot sauce away from your private parts, and eyeballs if you aren’t interested in understanding that pain.meandmrjbsmoove


Overall I have enjoyed being able to come up with ways that differ from the norm to advertise my hot sauces and I honestly try to consider every possibility that comes my way.  I did computer consulting before I did hot sauce and moving between the two has just been a whirlwind full of whip lash.  Sometimes it feels a tornado has just torn through my life having been in two major lawsuits in the first 5 years of business because I don’t advertise on facebook and Instagram like a normal company.  I have gone from calm operations and then the next thing I know a category five hurricane shakes things up and causes me to orphan all of my plans.  It is always great to get that moment of clarity when you are locked in the eye of the storm and develop a plan to enact to end the turmoil of uncertainty.  Two years ago I was putting a blanket of associates on farmers’ markets and hiring people like crazy to help me out, and then a pandemic of which I am not immune came and all the sudden I could not even get the produce required to make hot sauces.  Be it a wild fire burning in Oregon and California or a disease killing millions across the world, I have felt like I have lived my life in a disaster movie but I keep coming out on top.  I won’t give up and will continue to do my best in this fantasy of my own life.  That is why I am trying something new and holding this crypto giveaway.  No matter what though, if you are interested in getting something for free you can always make a purchase with a variety of cryptocurrencies on the web site and receive a free bottle of sauce with your order.  If you use the code HIDDENSEED you can take 10% off your order and it stacks with the free bottle of sauce when you pay with cryptocurrency. 


Good luck and happy hunting!  If you find the seed phrase you should move the BTC to your own wallet before someone else does, and as soon as I see it move I will update this post to let people know. TO THE MOON!

Wallet address for verification is: bc1qg3qw7fhj5q7q6cxlafnangs3adey065pycdvcv