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New Product! Buddy Sauce

New Product! Buddy Sauce

Released today, April 1, 2021, FYM's new Buddy Sauce!

For most of us, it has been a pretty lonely year.  A few people, like myself have made "buddies" to hang out with, talk to, and stay sane.  Now I would like to offer that same opportunity to everyone else.

FYM Buddy Sauce will make you feel nice and warm on the inside.  Buddy Sauce will always be there for you so you never have to eat alone again.  Buddy Sauce is a great listener, zero maintenance, and will hang out with you anytime you need.  Buddy sauce is also judgement free, so you can have them around while being yourself with no pressure.  It's the perfect companion for what has been a stressful and isolated year. 

 Grab your Buddy Sauce Here!


If you want to take Buddy Sauce out on the town feel free to grab the Holster for easy and safe transport of your new friend.

https://fymhotsauce.rocks/products/fym-hot-sauce-holsterHot Sauce Holster

Each buddy sauce is unique, just like you.  The eyes may not be in the same place each order, and as the arms were made from permanent marker they may be slightly off. 

This is actually a real product that I will sell you.  You will receive a random flavor of FYM Hot Sauce with googly eyes and marker arms, handmade by me.