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How much Peanut Butter is in a Reese's?

How much Peanut Butter is in a Reese's?

I know this isn't hot sauce related, but I wanted to post this here so it has a spot on the internet.

Apparently the most peanut butter is in most of the 34 gram holiday shapes. 34 gram Trees come in first place at 61.81%, with the 34 gram Eggs and 34 gram Hearts also breaking 60% peanut butter as well. 34 gram Pumpkin shapes did have more chocolate overall.

The shapes with the lowest peanut butter are the Love bugs at 18.36%. Similar low peanut butter varieties which I think are based off of the same molds are the Spooky Eyes (26%), and Santa’s Helpers (22.73%). All looked the same and were marked with the same calories and weight.

While testing I found several variances between similar shapes as well. Some Reese’s weighed in several grams over their stated weight (only 2 weighed in below stated weight), and there could be several grams differences between duplicates of the same shapes. Miniatures weighed between 8-11 grams, stated 34 gram shapes could weight upwards of 36 grams, stated 17 gram shapes upwards of 18.5 grams, with the biggest difference being the Solo pack large hearts weighing 11 grams over their stated 141 grams.

Testing was done by cutting shapes in half, and measuring the total weight of the piece, and then separating the peanut butter with knives before taking their weight. I would guess there is a 4% margin of error or so.

I also noticed there are differences in peanut butter as well. Some of the larger custom shapes had a more powdery peanut butter, while the smaller shapes were more oily. I suspect this is to help maintain shape for the special molds as I found several cups that were “leaking” oil from the peanut butter.

Do with this information what you will, and enjoy your cups!