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I want to send you a free bottle of sauce! UPDATED

I want to send you a free bottle of sauce! UPDATED


Hi there hot sauce people. I made a hot sauce and I want to send you a free sample and see what you think.

Why do you want to send me a tiny bottle?

I am going to have a kickstarter to make a whole bunch soon and I am hoping you will buy it in the future. I have no idea why anyone would fund a kickstarter of something they haven't tasted.

My hope is that if I send out enough free samples then people will send comments back to me that I can use as a testimonial on the page to show that it is worth supporting. I don't want to ask people for money based on trusting some random internet person that says they make something good.

Tell me about the sauce will ya?
The sauce is called FYM Hot Sauce. It is a very spicy habanero based sauce with a lot of flavor. There are actually 5 different types of peppers in the sauce along with garlic, citrus, and other tasty stuff. It is considerably hotter than Sriracha, but it is very flavorful and the heat doesn't linger. Everything is made with fresh ingredients, nothing dried or re-hydrated.

Everyone who has tried the sauce so far likes the sauce, but I want your opinion.

Though I haven't quite figured out a final label yet, there is someone awesome working on it.

Sure I will try it, what do you want me to do?
I just need you to fill out THIS FORM RIGHT HERE and I will send you out a bottle. Easy peasy! I am hoping that you will send me some positive feedback for my kickstarter page. Negative or neutral feedback are welcome as well.

What have other people said?

All my friends and family love it.

I have given away sauce to random people on the /r/portland subreddit. Here are a couple of the responses (I don't know these people):

/u/intraction Hey! I wanted you to know everyone in my house LOVES the sauce. It's really fucking hot, but we like that. :D Great job.

/u/deinonychusturtlepie Got a package in the mail containing your hot sauce, just tried it and it is bomb diggity! Thanks a million!

/u/wheeldog Got my sauce yesterday! Love it! Thank you. Will happily reccomend to anyone.

/u/msgsquared First off, thanks for getting it to me so quickly. Secondly, this whole time I thought I didn't like hot sauce - turns out, I've just never had good hot sauce! Tabasco? Blegh. Seriously, both my husband and I were blown away! It's so flavorful that I've been eating it with everything: mixed in with pork marinade, dipping sauce for pot stickers, on top of eggs. I'm even planning on making a spicy tamarind martini with it later tonight. (Yeah, I might be getting a little carried away). It is really good though. I like that it has just a hint of sweetness and I'm starting to get used to the amount of heat. Husband prefers less heat, so he can't wait to try your medium/mild versions.

Wrap up
*Receive hot sauce in mail
*Will ship anywhere in USA
*Please tell me what you think
*If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask.


FIrst of all, thank you for all of your interest.

I have gotten thousands of requests for free samples. Unfortunately due to monetary reasons I am unable to send out any more samples past that. If you would like you can still go to the form and enter your email address and I will send you information about my sauce.

Thanks a bunch everyone.