FYM Hot Sauce Cookbook

The FYM Cookbook was created in response to being the most backed hot sauce to ever go on Kickstarter.  DRM Free, this cookbook is being released to everyone for their own enjoyment.

Download the FYM Hot Sauce Cookbook here!

Free Hot Sauce Give Away!

Want to win a free bottle of hot sauce?  I am giving out 25 free 5 oz bottles of FYM.  


To enter send a picture of a cooked recipe from the FYM Cookbook to FYM Hot Sauce.  Entries can be sent to @FYMHotSauce, Facebook.com/FYMHotSauce, or emailed to cookbook@fymhotsauce.rocks.

Please send the name of the recipe and the picture.

1 entry per recipe per person.  Maximum 25 entries per person.  Recipes must be followed from the FYM Cookbook.

The best pictures as judged by me will be mailed a free 5 oz bottle of FYM Hot Sauce.

Winners will be announced as pictures are received.