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Do you like dark beer?  Do you like the chocolatey notes of a porter and the sweet spiciness of habaneros?  This is the sauce for you.

FYM partnered with award winning Plank Town brewing to make a delicious new sauce with their Foggy Scotsman Barrel Aged Porter.  This is the first time a rich Porter based sauce like this has ever been created. There is more beer than any other individual ingredient in this sauce, and the amazing flavor really comes through.  Combined with multiple types of hot peppers (habaneros, jalapenos, serranos, and thai chilis), rasbperries, chocolate, and other awesome ingredients, this sauce is one you will not want to pass up.

Porter 3 Pack

FYM Hot Sauce is made from fresh ingredients, is quite hot, and made with the perfect combination of heat and flavor. This sauce is based on Habanero peppers, use with caution.

Recommended uses: Ice cream, sandwiches, burritos, chili, burgers, macaroni and cheese