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Small yet potent! The 5 oz bottle is a great introductory size sauce for FYM Green Sauce. FYM Green Sauce is not your average green sauce, but a spicy version that maintains the green tang!  Perfect if you want to add more heat to your food or only use a couple drops at a time. Works great as a gift as well for the hot sauce lover that you know.

FYM 5 oz Green 3 Pack

FYM Green Sauce is made from fresh ingredients, is quite hot, and made with the perfect combination of heat and flavor. This sauce is based on Jalapeños and Tomatillos, but we didn't leave out the heat. Habanero and thai peppers are still involved, with the addition of some cilantro.  FYM Green Sauce is probably the best green sauce ever.

FYM Green does not contain Soy or People.

Recommended uses: Eggs, breakfast foods, tacos, burritos, chicken, burgers