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Did you make your food too spicy?  Is your mouth burning too much as you eat your meal?  Did you ever need something to stop the fire in your mouth?

Have no fear!  FYM Mouth Coolant is here!

CYM is the newest trend in calming spicy food.  Now if you have ever made a meal too spicy or dropped a little to much of FYM Extra Hot onto your plate, you can reset your palate with CYM Mouth Coolant.  It is as easy as pouring into a glass and putting directly onto the affected area of the tongue.

Now you can enjoy all of your favorite spicy foods without all of the sweating!

CYM must be refrigerated, is not vegan as it is an animal product.

This was an April Fools Joke and is not a real product (it is a reference to milk and I will not ship anything)