April Fools

Are you tired of having a baby face?  Are you still getting carded trying to order a drink? Man Soap by FYM is hear to help!  Just some quick applications and get instant results!   Man soap is not a real product.  This is an April Fools' joke.  Nothing w...
$ 0.00 $ 400.00
WOW!                            Such Sauce!         Very Spice!                  Much Taste! FYM Hot Dog Sauce!  The first hot sauce made for dogs.  This sauce is definitely not just blended up carrots, peas, and peanut butter. This is not a real product ...
$ 0.00 $ 99.99
I was asked by our leader to come up with a new hot sauce; the best hot sauce.  There has never been a hot sauce better than this one, just ask anyone.  I am so proud of how this sauce turned out, the flavors are unmatched, and the heat level is exactly wh...
$ 10.00 $ 2,016,000,000.00
OH WOW!  LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE! It's FYM Hot Sauce filled chocolate candies!  Just in time for Easter, FYM has a new set of candies to brighten up your day.  Normally you would go to the store and get creme filled chocolate eggs, hollow chocolate bunnies,...
$ 0.00 $ 75,000.00
Did you make your food too spicy?  Is your mouth burning too much as you eat your meal?  Did you ever need something to stop the fire in your mouth? Have no fear!  FYM Mouth Coolant is here! CYM is the newest trend in calming spicy food.  Now if you have e...
$ 0.00 $ 22.99
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